Sophia Bakker & Suson Dols

“Interior decoration is inspiration and inspiration is the beginning of decoration in interior”

Since 1915, Dols & Co is your trusted address in the field of interior design, for the private and business market. We have guaranteed exceptional quality and design for over a 100 years. Tasteful and timeless designs with a cosmopolitan allure.
Your unique vision is our starting point. We try to place ourselves in your specific needs and wishes and translate these into a cozy and comfortable interior. Together we will create a recognizable and distinct signature, in which you live and/or work with pleasure.

Dols & Co is not tied to only one style. We work in a classical way with great respect for historical elements. But also when you are looking for a contemporary design, please contact us. We are not led by volatile trends. We are known for our impecable sense of colour, use of fine materials and unmatched high service level.

We accompany and advise you throughout the entire process. Creating a synergy between the use of fabrics and materials, the choice of furniture and your own identity is our job.

We work with our own workshop, based in the Netherlands. Therefore we can work flexibly and guarantee you high quality. We are able to find a solution for every situation. The Dols & Co team always achieves a customized result that suits you.

Suson Dols

Sophia Bakker